Waivunia.org History


Forty years ago Director Robert Reid started living and working in Waivunia, a rural village of 70 people on the island of Vanua Levu in Fiji. He was invited to serve on the Village Council, which educated him in the way that the islanders discussed their community development ideas and how they made decisions through consensus. For the next six years, Ropate, as he was called, worked side-by-side with the villagers to build a community center, a foot bridge and other projects before his career took him to dozens of other countries.

Thoughts of Waivunia (Hidden Waters, in English) remained with him, as did his two sons, who were born there. Now retired from the US government, Ropate is collaborating with the Waivunia.org Board of Directors to once again assist the villagers to achieve their development dreams.

The mission of Waivunia the nonprofit is to help not only Waivunia village, but also other interested island communities. Successful island relief and development requires attention to issues not faced by mainland communities, and our volunteers and Board members have a combined experience of over forty years working on island relief and development initiatives!

How We Work

We assist islanders to design, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate sustainable relief and development projects. Local capacity building is key to achieving sustainability in our efforts. 

Why We're Different

Waivunia.org works together with islanders to plan and implement their projects to ensure local capacity is built at every step. Decisions are made through consensus. Our project proposal form is found on our website and can be downloaded, completed, and emailed to our staff. Upon receipt of a proposal, we work with the potential beneficiaries to refine the proposal, ensuring that it includes the appropriate technical assistance and funding needed for the project to be successful. If a technical expert is needed to assist in the project, and cannot be found locally, we will help to locate a volunteer specialist. In addition, we ensure that the project plan has a reasonable monitoring and evaluation plan and implementation timeline. The final report submitted by the islanders includes an evaluation of the project implementation, noting how the outputs and outcomes were achieved, how any obstacles were overcome, and what lessons were learned that can be utilized in future projects.

It is a priority to show our donors how we're making an impact with their funds!

Help Our Cause

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