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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Waivunia?

Waivunia, the nonprofit organization, is registered in the USA, in the State of Washington. We strive to be an innovative charity that focuses on supporting livelihood projects in island communities around the world. The name Waivunia comes from Waivunia village on the island of Vanua Levu in Fiji.

What assistance does Waivunia provide?

We assist island communities to design, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate relief and development projects. Although we focus on livelihood projects, we may help to fund other island development initiatives as well. Once we receive a project proposal, we work with the community to raise funds, locate any technical experts and other volunteers needed, and implement the project on-time and on-budget. We ensure that the community final project report highlights successful outputs and outcomes that show our donors the impact the project has made.

Who funds Waivunia?

We rely on funding from individuals, civic groups, companies, foundations, and other nonprofits. You are the main supporter of our efforts!

How do you decide which project proposals to fund?

Our Board of Directors reviews proposals on a rolling basis, does a thorough assessment, and approves the ones that are complete, meet all of our requirements, have an appealing chance for success, and that we believe will be attractive to individuals and donors to fund.

Do you work with other organizations?

We value collaboration with community groups, other local organizations, and appropriate public-private partnerships.

How can I donate to Waivunia?

You can donate here via PayPal. Alternatively, checks can be made payable to Waivunia, and sent to 1186 Sperry Road, Lopez Island, WA 98261. 

Can I give donations for a specific project?

Yes, you can respond to our specific requests for project funding, either via our website or via other online fundraising sites where we request donations.

How much of my donation will go directly to a project?

On average, 85% of every donation will go directly to an island community project.  Approximately 15% is spent on administrative costs.

How can I raise money for Waivunia?

There are several ways that you can raise money for Waivunia, such as creating your own fundraising event, creating your own fundraising website, or advertising our mission on social media.

How can I otherwise get involved with Waivunia?

Volunteers are key to the success of our Team! They help provide technical assistance both from their homes and at project sites to build local capacity and ensure project sustainability. Volunteers also help to raise funds for Waivunia, and advocate for island development.

Please join the Waivunia Team by becoming an Island Volunteer! If you're interested, click here, enter your email, and we will contact you!

How can I contact Waivunia?

Click here to get in touch.

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